Exhibition entitled ”Rejecting the Lie”

The exhibition ”Rejecting the Lie” is the second permanent exhibition next to the open-air exhibition entitled ”Courage and Reconciliation”, and can be viewed in Krzyżowa all year long. It is located in the palace, next to the ballroom. It is devoted to anti-totalitarian opposition in the 20th century.

The exhibition focuses on showing the portraits of people from different countries, who, in many different ways, opposed totalitarian regimes. These include members of the German Kreisau Circle and the Polish Solidarity movement, opposition activists from Czechoslovakia and East Germany – all people with different backgrounds and experiences. All of them are united, however, by shared views – the belief in the right of an individual to freedom and their commitment to the defence of human rights. These figures and the story behind the creation of the exhibition as well as its main objectives are presented by Anna Kudarewska.