Film Guide to Krzyżowa

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe is one of the oldest non-governmental organisations in Poland and runs one of the largest International Youth Meeting Centres in Europe. Its seat is a palace complex which consists of as many as fourteen buildings, which is uncommon among Polish NGOs. Each year Krzyżowa is visited by thousands of people – participants of international youth exchanges, training courses and workshops for students, educational staff and seniors and participants of cultural events, conferences, scientific and business meetings. The activity of the foundation is promoted each time it organises any event; on the other hand, less attention is paid to the town and buildings themselves, where all of these events take place.

However, it is not only the activity of the foundation which is unusual, but also the place where it is located - the village of Krzyżowa in the administrative district of Świdnica in Lower Silesia. The history, as well as the cultural and natural qualities, of this village often remain relatively unknown to you, even if you spend several days here, participating, sometimes many times, in the foundation's projects. In an attempt to change this, we have created a Film Guide to Krzyżowa, which we present in the form of fourteen episodes. Each episode concerns a different topic, a different place in Krzyżowa or different historical events related to it.

You can watch the guide before your visit to us, which will allow you to prepare better for the project in which you are participating, or will simply help you to fully experience the place in which your project will be implemented. You can also show any of these films to your friends and family, when they ask you what Krzyżowa is and why you go there.

The recent times of pandemic have taught us that you cannot always visit us in person. We have managed to reformat our workshops in such a way as to organise online youth exchanges, but despite everything, such online meetings deprive you of the possibility to experience the place, to learn what Krzyżowa itself is. Watching a film can obviously never compare to a personal visit, but we hope that, at least to some extent, it will allow you to feel the atmosphere of Krzyżowa and get to know the uniqueness of this place. With this in mind, we have prepared the Film Guide to Krzyżowa. You are kindly invited to watch it!