The village of Krzyżowa

One of the largest International Youth Meeting Centres in Europe is located in a small village inhabited by no more than 250 people. Even just for this reason Krzyżowa can be called an unusual place, but this is not the only evidence of why it is worth visiting. Participants of our projects, especially those projects directed at young people, are always encouraged to go for walks and familiarise themselves with the place in which it is located, this often allows for a better understanding of the values which the foundation follows on every day.

Krzyżowa, situated in the Świdnica commune in Lower Silesia in the picturesque region of the Sudeten Foothills, boasts sterling landscape qualities as well as an interesting history. Here, you will find a historical church, monuments commemorating historic events and a railway station from the 19th century. Tips on which routes to take to see it all are given by Liubov Shynder.