The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill is a place which can often be overlooked while visiting Krzyżowa. Although it is part of the buildings of the “Krzyżowa” Foundation, it is quite far away from the palace and farm complex which constitutes its main headquarters. It is one of the most important buildings of the foundation, which is simultaneously situated in a very picturesque location. Therefore, when visiting Krzyżowa, take a walk along the Oak Avenue, which will lead us to the House on the Hill. In our film, our guide through this place is Daniel Bodył.

In those times when the estate in Krzyżowa was the property of the von Moltke family, the House on the Hill fulfilled residential functions and, when the palace turned out to be too expensive to maintain, the whole family lived there. Today, it is again partly inhabited, but its ground floor has been adapted to the activities of the foundation. Among other things, there is a memorial room dedicated to the Kreisau Circle.