The palace in Krzyżowa

Today, the spaces of the palace in Krzyżowa are mainly used as workshop premises. Training courses, youth activities and official meetings - all kinds of projects organised by the Krzyżowa Foundation - take place here. Architecturally, the palace does not represent a high historical value, however, it is a commendable example of saving the so called „unwanted legacy" in Lower Silesia. This term is used to describe German, mainly aristocratic architecture, which, after the change of borders in 1945, found itself on the territory of socialist Poland and came to be regarded as „hostil” in terms of nationality and class.

Owing to the establishment of the Krzyżowa Foundation, the palace, which had begun to fall into complete ruin after the Second World War, could be rebuilt with almost the same appearance as before the war. Adelajda Lebioda guides us through its interiors - spacious halls, representative staircase, ballroom and today's workshop premises.