The palace and farm complex in Krzyżowa

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe occupies a complex of buildings which belongs to a historical palace and farm complex. Few non-governmental organisations in Poland may boast such impressive headquarters. However, what is important in our work is not so much the size of the buildings but also their history.

The basic layout of the palace and farm complex has remained the same for ages, although the natures of these buildings have changed together with their successive owners. They have been the property of German aristocracy, were also owned by the State Agricultural Enterprise in socialist Poland, and finally they became the headquarters of a non-governmental organisation. They remember the times of lavish parties attended by the German emperor himself, as well as times of complete ruin. Their history is equally fascinating as the history of the establishment of the Krzyżowa Foundation. The story is told by Daniel Bodył, bound with this place for many years.