Open-air exhibition entitled “Courage and Reconciliation”

Right next to the palace in Krzyżowa, behind the characteristic gate that resembles an entrance to the garden, there is a construction that looks like a labyrinth. This is the open-air exhibition entitled ”Courage and Reconciliation”, which was created in 2014 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Reconciliation Mass. The form of the labyrinth is not accidental; it is to reflect how complicated, intricate and seemingly hopeless the paths of mutual Polish-German relations were, the shared tragic history and the reconciliation process. This makes it impossible to view the exhibition in the usual passive way; one has to go through the labyrinth, which is an experience that often remains in the memory longer than the photographs viewed or texts read.

The guide through this labyrinth in our film is Robert Żurek, who talks about its origin, shape, idea, and about everything that you can see on the respective paths. We hope that his story will encourage you to come to Krzyżowa and see the exhibition in person.