The railway station in Krzyżowa

It may be a surprise for many of you that it is possible to arrive in Krzyżowa by train. Given its small area, small population and unimpressive administrative status, it is hard to suppose that it could be a significant stop on a journey. Meanwhile the railway station in Krzyżowa is already more than 130 years old, and one of the passengers who got off at the local platform was the German emperor, Wilhelm II, himself.

The station played an important role in the times of World War II, when opponents of Hitler's regime arrived in Krzyżowa to meet in conspiracy in the House on the Hill. It is also important today, as it facilitates young people from all over Poland and Europe in reaching the „Krzyżowa” Foundation and our International Youth Meeting Centre. More and more often, it is used by tourists who are discovering Krzyżowa as an interesting place on the map of Lower Silesia. In our film guide, you are welcomed at the station by Liubov Shynder.