The Kreisau Circle

The last pre-war owners of the estate in Krzyżowa - Freya and Helmuth James von Moltke were involved in anti-Nazi activities during World War II. They brought together people who shared similar views to them and who prepared plans for the creation of a new post-war Germany and new relations in Europe, in conspiracy so as to never allow such a terrible war to happen again. The group of these people were called the Kreisau Circle as their meetings were held in the House on the Hill in Krzyżowa.

Today, the task of the “Krzyżowa” Foundation is to look after the memory of the members of the Kreisau Circle. The history of many of them was tragic, but at the same time was a testimony to their courage and the uncompromising struggle for human values, as well as respect for people with different opinions. We try to make sure that the Kreisau Circle is an inspiration for young people to live in compliance with their values and to solve conflicts through dialogue, not violence. There is a memorial room in the House on the Hill dedicated to the Kreisau Circle and we are invited to visit it by Tomasz Skonieczny.