The von Moltke family

The history of the palace and farm complex in Krzyżowa has been linked to the history of the Krzyżowa Foundation since the times it became the property of the Prussian aristocratic von Moltke family. Its first representative, who bought the estate in 1867, was Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke. It was during his lifetime and on his initiative that many places in Krzyżowa, especially the palace, the Oak Avenue and Cemetery Hill began to take shape as we know them today.

The von Moltke family was also involved in the activities of the Kreisau Circle, whose legacy is cherished by our Foundation, as well as the establishment of the Krzyżowa Foundation itself. The members of this family included many interesting figures, including women, for instance Freya and Dorothy von Moltke; the stories of their lives are presented to us by Adelajda Lebioda.