Cemetery Hill

The wooded Cemetery Hill, located somehow apart, is not a place which catches your eye as soon as you arrive in Krzyżowa. A dirt road and a climbing forest path lead to it. It is necessary to know where it is in order to get there; it is rather difficult to get there by happy accident. However, it is definitely worth visiting this place as it may help in finding the answer to many questions regarding the history of Krzyżowa.

There are actually two cemeteries on the hill, the so called „old”  one which is located below, which was used as the burial place for the pre-war inhabitants of Krzyżowa; and the cemetery of the von Moltke family, located on top of the hill, including the mausoleum built by Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke in 1868. The Krzyżowa Foundation looks after this place and uses it in its projects, teaching young people respect and responsibility. This story is told by Liubov Shynder.